Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
ECC 2020

28 – 30 October 2020, online


Latest update: 31 Oct.
The Curated list of talks is now posted. Many of them have links to slides and videos. Happy watching!

Here are the 4 panels:

The panels were streamed on YouTube. We have a Zulip chat server for you to ask questions or comment on the discussions. An invite link has been sent on the mailing list.

Each panel was followed by a 30 min social break on You don't need to sign up for an account and it just runs in the browser, but it only works on devices that have a webcam and microphone. If you want this to be a coffee break, bring your own coffee. [Substitute coffee as you see fit for taste and time zone.]


ECC 2020 was meant to take place in Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 28 – 30 but due to the international travel situtation we will be meeting online instead.

ECC serves many purposes and the talks are just one (very important) aspect. We think that this year has made talks more accessible to everybody, with most events having no or low registration fees and videos being posted online. This is very good for inclusiveness and we're happy about this part of the development.

We also understand that it's easy to get lost in too many talks and see ECC as a way to highlight the latest developments in ECC and give a good overview of relevant adjacent areas. For this year, we have replaced the talk part by a curated list of talks with links to videos given during the past year. This gives a nod to the researchers that we would have liked to see them speak and hopefully helps as a guide through the jungle of too many videos.

But ECC is also about community, about bringing people together who share an interest in elliptic curves and cryptography. Watching videos and taking part in the bigger workshops cannot replace ECC. During the originally scheduled days of the conference we'll host a few panel discussions (yes, we know, timezones; you'll sure be able to catch one and hopefully two during your daytime), will have a Zulip chat for questions to the panels and discussions that benefit from typing Latex (yes, there is Latex support in that chat room), and some interactive coffee breaks where you can hang around with your favorite ECC people and meet new ones.


Mailing List

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